The Deception Of Massive Weight Loss Patients

By Peter Fisher, MD on March 20, 2015

Googling Post Massive Weight Loss Body Contouring

I am writing about this having come across a bariatric surgery site while googling “post massive weight loss body contouring ”, a general surgery practice site that performed Bariatric surgery. They offer referring their patients to local Plastic Surgeons. The description however states that the Plastic surgeons are expensive and that they would seek insurance coverage for removal of excess abdominal skin, which they termed panniculectomy correctly. They then immediately however, state that if insurance does not cover a panniculectomy that they would perform an abdominoplasty and that the most common type that they do is a fleur-de-lis type. The real kicker is that they state that they charge 1/3 the price of the local plastic surgeons. Well excuse my profanity laced outburst, but, but, but the “chutzpah”.

What Surgeon's Can And Cannot Do

I believe patients are constantly deceived about what surgeon’s can and cannot do. I am specifically here talking about post massive weight loss body contouring, although I know that this occurs, not only within other surgical specialties, but with Plastic Surgeon’s themselves. The patient who goes to the general surgeon’s whom I mentioned above may well get reasonable results, although unlikely, by what I state below, and may also run into serious problems with limited recourse.

Post Massive Weight Loss Surgery

Post massive weight loss surgery is a relatively new subspecialty with many plastic Surgeons trying to jump into this. This is fine. However I believe that to get superior results in this subspecialty a substantial amount of the Physicians time should be doing just this. I devote 80% of my practice to this. There are lots of other subspecialties that I had training in and did. I however don’t perform these procedures now even when patients are referred to me for them as I am not as technically proficient in them as I once was. To stay proficient and actually get better, one must practice, practice and practice.I bring all of this up as well because of the incredible number of poor results that I see published on-line. Unfortunately for many post massive weight loss patients, this is not easy to identify as there are not a lot of exceptional results published of what could be and therefore patients may well think that better results are not possible.

Finding The Right Physician

Therefore what I am saying is that it behooves the patient to carefully check the credentials when consulting to make sure that the physician is at least attempting to specialize in a given area or certainly doing a lot of these procedures. Also make sure that they can back up their assertion that they are experts in the field, with appropriate before and after photos. One can really never tell what kind of results they may get. The best way is to try to hopefully find physicians with before and after photos, or online for the same to see if any before photos may resemble yourselves. Then see if you like the after photo. I am including before and after results of my patients, showing what I believe most patients would think are good results, but which I believe are mediocre and why I developed new techniques to improve these results. These are shown in the second set of before and after photos of a similarly built patient.



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