Plastic Surgery Techniques to Lift and Tone the Arms

By Peter Fisher, MD on May 19, 2015

Woman with slim and toned upper armsMany people do a lot to keep themselves looking healthy, young, and attractive. Unfortunately, despite all that effort, there are some signs of aging that are unavoidable; a loss of skin elasticity is one of them. As people age, the skin begins to sag. The upper arms are one area that is susceptible to this drooping effect. Cosmetic surgeon Peter Fisher offers body contouring procedures to help sculpt the body so that patients can enjoy a toned, more youthful, and attractive physique. For those who are reluctant to wear sleeveless shirts or lift their arms in the air, an arm lift procedure is probably just what they are looking for. Dr. Fisher offers different arm lift techniques to meet the needs of his San Antonio patients.

Ideal Arm Lift Candidates

As is always the case, an elective surgical procedure such as an arm lift should only be undergone by those who are in good health and do not carry an increased risk of surgical complications. An arm lift procedure can be performed on patients of any age and is best-suited to those who have stretch marks and/or loose, droopy skin, most likely as a result of aging, genetics, or significant weight loss.


Dr. Fisher offers several techniques when it comes to arm lift surgery because he understands that his patients all have different needs. There is no one-size-fits-all arm lift procedure because that would not allow Dr. Fisher to adequately address each patient’s unique needs and desires. Below are the surgical techniques (or incision options) that are available to those undergoing arm lift surgery:

  • Traditional arm lift: The traditional arm lift, which is performed most frequently, involves an incision that begins in the arm pit and then extends down the inner arm until it reaches the elbow. This incision allows us to adequately lift, tone, and tighten the upper arms for most patients.
  • Limited incision arm lift: There are patients who do not require as extensive an alteration as that provided by a traditional arm lift, but who cannot get the tightening they desire from liposuction alone. These patients may benefit from a limited incision arm lift. A limited incision arm lift still allows Dr. Fisher to remove some excess skin and fat from the upper arm, but because alterations are minimal, it requires a shorter incision (which just extends slightly below the arm pit) and, therefore, results in a smaller scar.
  • Extended incision arm lift: On the opposite end of the spectrum are those who require additional lifting and tightening alterations. These patients can opt for an extended incision arm lift. This technique extends the incision used in a traditional arm lift so that it goes down the side of the upper torso and allows Dr. Fisher to tighten the skin of the chest area.

Schedule an Appointment

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your upper arms and lack the confidence to go out in a tank top or sleeveless shirt, you should consider arm lift surgery. Dr. Peter Fisher can tighten and lift your upper arms to give you the tone you desire. Schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience to learn more about the arm lift techniques he has to offer. We look forward to hearing from you!

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