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Male Plastic Surgery: Cosmetic Procedures That Men Undergo

By Peter Fisher, MD on June 19, 2015

A man without a shirtEven though trends in facial hair, male grooming, and men's fashion change every few years, there has been a growing trend over the last decade or so in which men have been more receptive to plastic surgery. It's something we've seen a lot here at San Antonio Plastic Surgery Center. This includes full surgical rejuvenation procedures such as body contouring surgery for loose skin and flab as well as skin care treatments.

With an increasing emphasis on image and first impressions, men are more likely to consider undergoing cosmetic procedures these days than in the past. The procedures below are some of the most popular treatments for male plastic surgery.

Male Breast Reduction for Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is a condition in which a man develops a chest that appears effeminate. When this happens, a man can feel self-conscious about his appearance and less confident about himself overall. Male breast reduction surgery is performed in order to remove excess fat and glandular tissue and restore a more masculine appearance to a man's chest. The results can be quite dramatic.

Male Liposuction for Body Sculpting and Toning

Sometimes losing those last few pounds or that little pocket of fat is very challenging. This might even be true if you exercise regularly and eat healthy. In such cases, liposuction can be a great option to consider. Liposuction will target specific pockets of fat on a person's body, removing it with safe and effective suction and leaving you looking toned and trim in the process.

Body Lift Surgery for Men After Major Weight Loss

After losing a lot of weight—whether through bariatric surgery or major changes in one's lifestyle—it's common for people to have loose skin and stretchmarks. This is a natural part of major weight loss, and it can be disconcerting for some people. In order to improve overall body contour, body lift surgery can be performed, targeting different areas to achieve a trimmer and better contoured body.

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) to Enhance Facial Symmetry

People are surprised how much a change to the nose can make a difference to the entire face, but it's true. This is why many men who have noses with which they are dissatisfied decide to undergo rhinoplasty. The procedure can alter the size, shape, and overall contour of the nose, having a positive impact on the surrounding facial features in the process.

Facial Plastic Surgery for Wrinkle Reduction and Anti-Aging

A few wrinkles may be the sign of distinction and wisdom, but too many can leave you looking older than you really are or than you feel. That's why men may want to consider facial plastic surgery procedures. A brow lift is great for furrows and deep lines on the forehead, a traditional facelift is ideal for lines in the middle area of the face, and a lower facelift can help get rid of those pesky jowls.

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For more information about your options for effective plastic surgery and how it can enhance your appearance and self-confidence, be sure to contact our cosmetic plastic surgery center today. The entire team here at San Antonio Plastic Surgery Center looks forward to your visit and helping make the best choices for care.

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