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Breast Lift Surgery Can Help You Achieve a More Youthful Bust Line

By Peter Fisher, MD on July 18, 2015

Woman with a shapely bust lineChances are that when you imagine what your ideal bust line would look like, it includes large, shapely breasts that sit in a youthful and perky position against the chest wall. Unfortunately, it is also likely that this is not what most patient’s bust line actually looks like. For some women, their breasts have simply never had the shape or lift they desire. In many other cases, time and circumstances have taken their toll on the body and left women with deflated and drooping breasts. Breast surgery can improve the size, shape, and position of the breasts to give women the bust line they desire. The type of surgery that will be performed will depend on exactly how a patient wishes to improve the appearance of her breasts. Breast lift candidates at Dr. Peter Fisher’s San Antonio practice include those who wish to improve the position of the breasts so they appear more perky and youthful.

Is Breast Lift Surgery Right for Me?

Choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery is a big decision, so it is important to determine if a particular surgery is your best option before proceeding with treatment. Dr. Fisher always has thorough consultations with patients to determine if a procedure such as a breast lift is the best treatment option, both physically and emotionally. In the case of breast lift surgery, Dr. Fisher looks at several considerations to determine candidacy for treatment. Below are some of the qualities that make a patient an ideal candidate for breast lift surgery:

  • The breast skin has lost elasticity, resulting in deflated and sagging breasts
  • The nipples point in a downward position
  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss have altered the shape or position of the breasts
  • The breasts no longer appear young or perky
  • The patient has realistic expectations for the results of surgery
  • The patient is free of any health problems that could compromise the success of surgery
  • The patient understands and is prepared for the surgical recovery process

If a patient has a healthy emotional outlook on surgery and exhibits one or more of the physical imperfections that can be corrected through breast lift surgery, then she should be an ideal candidate for treatment. Fortunately, breast lift surgery is highly customizable based on the incisions that are used during surgery. Breast lift surgery can be right for a patient with very minimal sagging, but can also adequately improve the appearance of the breasts if they are in a significantly lower position on the breast wall. Dr. Fisher will discuss the various breast lift techniques and determine which he believes is right for each patient at a personal surgical consultation.

Schedule an Appointment

If your breasts no longer display the youthfulness that you desire, a breast lift may be the perfect option to rejuvenate your bust line. If you’d like to know if you are an ideal candidate for this procedure, schedule an appointment with Dr. Peter Fisher at your earliest convenience. We look forward to hearing from you.

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