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Highlights from Dr. Fisher's Recent ASPS Course on Body Contouring

By Peter Fisher, MD on October 07, 2016

American Society of Plastic Surgeons logoDr. Peter Fisher taught a professional course on body contouring surgery after massive weight loss at Plastic Surgery The Meeting in September. The course was delivered before international colleagues in the field of plastic surgery. Dr. Fisher offered his unique insight into these procedures, including advice on how to combine multiple procedures in a single session and how effective body lift surgery can benefit patients.

"What I do is an accumulation of many years of experience," Dr. Fisher said. "This is something to build on."

About Plastic Surgery The Meeting

Plastic Surgery The Meeting is a major convention for plastic surgeons from more than 50 countries across the globe. The 2016 Meeting took place in Los Angeles, California from September 23rd to September 27th. The five-day convention gave surgeons opportunities to meet and discuss the latest topics in the field. The conference also offered ample opportunities for networking, mentorship, and education.

Plastic Surgery The Meeting was held by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the Plastic Surgery Foundation (The PSF), and the American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons (ASMS).

An Overview of Dr. Fisher's Body Contouring Course

Dr. Fisher's course focused on the body contouring surgeries that can be performed after a patient has lost a significant amount of weight, whether through natural means or bariatric surgery. Dr. Fisher is uniquely qualified to instruct colleagues on these matters thanks to his years of experience and his record of excellent plastic surgery results.

During the course, Dr. Fisher instructed the surgeons on his unique augmentation procedures for the buttocks and hips; these techniques are critical because they prevent the masculinization of women who undergo lower body lifts.

Dr. Fisher also offered his perspective regarding the appropriate body contouring surgeries to perform, the order in which these surgeries should be performed for optimal results, how to avoid post-surgical complications, what to do if complications arise, and how multiple surgeries can be performed in a single surgical visit.

The Importance of Body Contouring after Major Weight Loss

When people lose weight, they are bound to face serious issues with loose skin and sagging skin. While diet and exercise can improve general wellness, the only way to remove stretch marks and tighten stretched skin is through surgery. According to Dr. Fisher, the key to good results is knowing when to perform surgery on a patient who has lost weight.

"Sometimes people come in and they're still too overweight," Dr. Fisher said. "They think that because they've lost 100 pounds, they're ready for surgery, but they're not." Dr. Fisher added that by timing the surgery properly, the complication rate can be lowered, healing times can be improved, and better results are possible.

Plastic Surgery Education and the Wisdom of Experience

Dr. Fisher is proud to have participated in this year's convention, and hopes that new plastic surgeons and experienced surgeons have learned something valuable from attending the course. Still, Dr. Fisher offers wise words of caution about his methods, the sort of advice that can only be arrived at through years of hands-on surgical experience.

"You can't listen to my talk and jump into what I'm doing. You have to go slow," Dr. Fisher said. "While I'm doing three or four body contouring procedures at one time, I think the person who's starting out - or even someone who has experience - if they're going to try my techniques, then they need to start with one procedure at a time."

Learn More about Body Contouring after Massive Weight Loss

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