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Weighing the Pros and Cons of Large Breast Implants

By Peter Fisher, MD on February 18, 2017

Woman with large breastsA small chest can have a big impact on a woman’s confidence. Many women feel like larger breasts provide the curves that give the figure a sexy, feminine appearance. Without those curves, a woman may feel insecure in her appearance. Breast augmentation enhances the size of the breasts to improve body contours and provide better body proportions.

When choosing to undergo breast augmentation, women will have a very important decision to make regarding the size of the implants. Women often want large implants that will dramatically change their bust line. However, large implants are not always the best choice. Plastic surgeon Peter Fisher discusses the pros and cons of large breast implants with his San Antonio, TX patients to help them determine what size implant is right for their unique needs and desires.

Pros of Large Breast Implants

For women who are looking to dramatically alter their appearance, large breast implants may be the best option. When a woman is dissatisfied with the aesthetic results of breast augmentation, the number one reason is that she feels like the implants are not large enough or did not provide noticeable enough results. Large implants make an obvious impact and tend to draw a lot of attention, so they definitely provide significant alteration.

Large implants can be particularly beneficial for women with a larger frame. If a woman is bottom-heavy or has a broad figure, large breast implants can help balance out body proportions to provide women with the desirable hourglass figure.

Cons of Large Breast Implants

Although large breast implants do make a statement, they also have their drawbacks. For one, large breast implants tend to look less natural. For those looking for a subtle enhancement, or those who do not want to draw a lot of attention to themselves, large breast implants are probably not the best option.

Large breast implants may be a particularly poor choice for patients with a smaller frame. Not only will large breast implants look less natural on these patients, but they may be too heavy. Large breast implants can cause head, neck, and shoulder pain in those with a slimmer build.

Another con of large breast implants is that they have a higher risk of surgical complications. Large breast implants are more likely to ripple, bottom out, or lead to capsular contracture, some of the most common breast augmentation complications. Although all of these complications can be addressed, they typically require a second surgery to correct the issues. Patients who wish to minimize the risk of complications may want to consider whether they can get the results they desire with smaller breast implants.

Overall, whether a patient is best suited for large or small breast implants is highly personal. Dr. Fisher will help patients consider factors such as appearance, body frame, and the risk of surgical complications to help each patient choose a breast implant that is perfectly sized to meet her unique needs and desires.

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