The Pros and Cons of Small Breast Implants

By Peter Fisher, MD on March 18, 2017

A surgeon holding a breast implantBecause breast augmentation is commonly identified with large breasts, many women looking for a modest increase in their bust line don't realize breast augmentation is an option. However, breast augmentation can be used to dramatically or subtly increase the size of the breasts, improving the silhouette and boosting confidence. Those who wish to subtly enhance the size of their breasts may benefit from small breast implants. We'll discuss the pros and cons of small breast implants in this overview from San Antonio plastic surgeon Peter Fisher.

The Advantages of Small Breast Implants

Small breast implants have many benefits, especially for those with petite frames or those who are interested in subtly enhancing the size of their breasts. Some notable advantages of small breast implants include:

  • More natural looking: Smaller-sized breast implants can appear more natural looking, particularly in more petite women.
  • Less painful recovery: Those who receive smaller-sized breast implants typically experience a less painful recovery, with less bruising and swelling, than those who choose larger-sized breast implants.
  • Subtle change: Small breast implants generally make breast augmentation less conspicuous, allowing patients a smoother transition back to their social life after recovery.
  • Gentler on the body: Smaller-sized breast implants are gentler on the body than larger-sized implants because less tissue needs to be manipulated to place a small implant.
  • Decreased risk: Small breast implants carry less risk of complications, such as capsular contracture, implant rupture, and loss of nipple sensation.
  • Can increase implant size later: Immediately placing large breast implants in a small chest can cause tearing and painful stretching of the breast tissue. Starting with smaller-sized implants and later replacing them with a larger size, will gradually stretch the skin and lead to less trauma on the breast tissues. 

The Disadvantages of Small Breast Implants

There are some disadvantages of small breast implants to consider before choosing a smaller breast implant size. These disadvantages include:

  • Smaller size: Although those looking for a subtle increase in breast size may not find the size of a small implant to be a disadvantage, it can be when wanting to add volume to the breasts. A smaller implant simply can't add substantial volume. 
  • Unhappy with results: Some may be unhappy with the final results of their breast augmentation and find that their implants are too small once the swelling from surgery goes down. This can lead to undergoing secondary breast augmentation surgery.
  • No noticeable change: Small implants provide a more natural looking increase in the size of the breasts but some may find that the change is too subtle and not noticeable enough.

Are Small Implants Right for You?

When choosing the most suitable size of breast implants for your frame, it is important to consult with an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Fisher. Dr. Fisher will work with you to determine which breast implant size is right for your proportions, lifestyle, and desired results. For more information about breast implants and to schedule your personal consultation, please contact Dr. Fisher today.

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