Breast Enlargement Revision to Get Smaller Implants

By Peter Fisher, MD on December 18, 2017

Breast Enlargement Revision to Get Smaller ImplantsWhile breast augmentation surgery can enhance your contours and curves in many positive ways, there are cases in which the results are note what a patient wants. That's when breast augmentation revision may be helpful. The revision procedure refers to a corrective surgery that can remove old breast implants and replace them with new ones. This improves the patient's appearance and allows them to achieve their aesthetic goals.

The team at our San Antonio plastic surgery center would like to consider breast augmentation revision for patients who would like to replace their large breast implants with smaller ones.

Problems With Breast Implants That Are Too Large

When a patient gets breast implants that are too large, it can have many negative impacts on the appearance of the breasts. The patient's breast may look fake, unnatural, and oddly shaped because the implants are too large. The large implants can also lead to issues with a patient's overall figure, making their body shape seem off and unbalanced. In addition, the skin of the breasts may appear stretched out of thin because of the size of the implants.

In addition to these aesthetic issues, breast implants that are too large can also lead to the implants drooping and sagging quite a bit later in life. This is a given considering the nature of gravity and the effects of aging. There's also a risk of very large breast implants causing back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain because of the excessive weight.

Candidates for Breast Augmentation Revision

Candidates for breast augmentation revision are people who have issues with the results of their initial breast augmentation surgery. They should be in good overall health and have realistic expectations about the surgical process and post-op recovery.

Picking a Size for the Smaller Breast Implants

Going smaller is a good idea, but it's important to pick the right implant size for the needs of the patient. During the consultation process, your surgeon will consider your current breast size and discuss your aesthetic goals. The shape, projection, composition, and placement of the new, smaller implants can be addressed in order for you to look your very best.

How Breast Augmentation Revision Is Performed

Breast augmentation revision is performed much like an initial breast augmentation procedure. In fact, whenever possible, a plastic surgeon will use the initial incision sites from the first breast augmentation procedure to remove and replace the old implants. This reduces the need for new incisions and prevents additional scarring.

Following surgery, patients will want to take about two weeks off from work for recovery. Strenuous physical activities should be avoided for around a month in order to avoid complications, though walking is encouraged to promote circulation and to prevent complications associated with blood clots.

The Results of Breast Augmentation Revision

Patients who undergo breast augmentation revision to get smaller implants are much happier with the appearance of their breasts. Their body contours look more natural, and issues associated with back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain are less of an issue thanks to the small implants.

Learn More About Breast Implant Revision

If you would like to learn more about breast implant revision and whether or not it's the right option for you, be sure to contact a skilled cosmetic plastic surgeon today. The team at San Antonio Plastic Surgery Center looks forward to discussing all of your treatment options in much greater detail.

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