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Refine Your Appearance with a Facial Fat Transfer Treatment

By Peter Fisher, MD on February 15, 2018

As we age, the skin loses elasticity and volume. As a result, gravity can cause the facial features to become less defined over time. Fat injections are an excellent way to add volume and fill out fine lines and wrinkles for a smooth, radiant appearance. Fortunately, Dr. Peter Fisher can perform facial fat transfer treatment at our San Antonio, TX, practice. This minimally invasive procedure carries no risk of rejection and can achieve striking results.  

Understanding How Fat Transfer Works

portrait of Caucasian woman with brown hair, with her hand on her faceLike alternative dermal fillers, a fat transfer can add volume, contour, and definition to the treated area. However, a fat transfer utilizes your own body’s tissue to achieve this goal. Typically, fat is removed from another area, such as the abdomen, thighs, or hips, and is transferred to the area in need of enhancement. Fat transfers can be performed on various parts of the body. However, many of our patients choose facial fat transfer treatment to achieve a more youthful look in the face.

Filling Depressions Around the Eyes

Over time, the skin around the eyes can lose volume, resulting in a hollowed appearance. As the volume decreases, the facial bones become more prominent and create a gaunt look. When this happens, any discoloration or darkening under the eyes becomes more noticeable. A facial fat transfer around the upper and lower eyelids can fill in the hollowed areas for a bright and healthy-looking appearance.

Plumping the Cheeks

Well-defined cheekbones and a full face can accentuate features for an aesthetically pleasing appearance. However, when excessive volume in the cheek area is lost, it can make a person appear tired and older. By performing a facial fat transfer to the cheeks, we can improve skin quality and increase volume in the face, giving patients a more voluptuous look.

Smoothing the Forehead

Over time, the temples and brows can become much more prominent. Loss of volume in these areas typically occurs after the age of 40 and affects just as many men as women. Adding fat to these areas is a simple and minimally invasive way to lift the brow and make the face appear more youthful.

Recovery after Facial Fat Grafting

Most patients experience slight swelling and bruising following their facial fat transfer treatment. This can typically be managed with anti-inflammatory medication and cold compresses. Generally, these effects should diminish after two weeks.

Learn More about Facial Fat Transfer Treatment

If you want a safe, minimally invasive method to add volume to the brow, forehead, cheeks, or around the eyes, a facial fat transfer could be the optimal solution for you. To learn more about your candidacy, schedule a consultation with Dr. Fisher at our San Antonio, TX practice. Contact our practice using our simple online form.

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