Tone your Midsection with a Tummy Tuck after Massive Weight Loss

By Peter Fisher, MD on June 18, 2019

Illustration of tummy tuck resultsMany people strive to lose weight to improve their health and their figure. However, while diet and exercise can be effective in getting rid of unwanted fat, the reality is that, even after significant weight loss, it is common for patients to feel dissatisfied with their figure.

Loose skin and stubborn fat deposits can affect patients’ appearance even after they have achieved a healthy weight. Fortunately, experienced plastic surgeon Peter Fisher can perform tummy tuck after massive weight loss to help our San Antonio, TX patients achieve the smoother midsection they desire. A tummy tuck removes excess skin and tissues to create a flatter and smoother appearance.

Loose Skin after Weight Loss

The skin is an elastic organ that has the ability to stretch and conform to the body. However, after patients lose a significant amount of weight, they are often frustrated to find that skin remains loose and flabby rather than shrinking back to conform to the body’s new contours.

The reason that loose skin is so common for our San Antonio patients after massive weight loss is that the skin can only stretch to a certain extent. If skin is stretched beyond its limit, collagen will breakdown. Since collagen is what provides the skin with its elasticity, the skin will not bounce back once collagen is broken. Stretch marks are a good indicator that the skin has been stretched too far.

The Tummy Tuck Procedure

Body contouring treatments, such as a tummy tuck, are the only effective way to get rid of loose, stretched skin. During a tummy tuck procedure, Dr. Fisher will create an incision just above the pubic region.

When performing a full tummy tuck, the incision will stretch from one hip bone to the other. This incision will grant him access to the fat and tissues of the midsection, as well as the abdominal muscles. A second incision will be made around the belly button. This allows the belly button to be moved to a more natural-looking position once the skin has been re-draped.

After creating the incisions, Dr. Fisher will remove loose skin and fatty tissues. If the abdominal muscles have been stretched, they will also be repaired and tightened to create a firmer stomach.

If necessary, liposuction can be performed along with a tummy tuck to target stubborn pockets of fat.

After all necessary alterations have been made, the remaining skin will be pulled taut and the incision will be closed.

Circumferential Tummy Tuck

Our San Antonio patients who have lost a large amount of weight are likely to have more loose skin than other tummy tuck patients. If excess skin extends around the midsection, Dr. Fisher can perform a circumferential tummy tuck.

This technique extends the full tummy tuck incision so that it reaches around the back. With this technique, Dr. Fisher can eliminate loose skin from the stomach and back to completely improve the contours of the midsection.

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Tummy tuck surgery can get rid of extra skin so that patients can enjoy the full results of their weight loss efforts. If you’d like to find out if a tummy tuck may be right for you, contact our practice at your earliest convenience by calling (210) 616-0798.

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