Complete, Personalized Care during Your Lower Body Lift Recovery

Picture of someone reading in bedA lower body lift can have transformative effects on your appearance, especially if you have recently lost a large amount of weight. You can enjoy a slimmer and more toned appearance. However, because lower body lifts are extensive procedures, they do involve a longer healing time than other body contouring treatments. Dr. Peter Fisher will work closely with you to help you prepare for and understand your body lift recovery at his San Antonio, TX, practice. He will also provide tips for healing, and he will stay in touch every step of the way to help ensure your success.

A Lower Body Lift Is a Comprehensive Procedure

Your lower body lift will take place at a hospital under general anesthesia. During your lower body lift, Dr. Fisher will perform several different procedures, combining them into one far-reaching surgery. To ensure the most dramatic results possible, your procedure may include:

Expected Recovery Time

Because a lower body lift is a complex and extensive procedure, you will need to set aside a longer amount of time for recovery. You may stay in the hospital for two to three nights after your surgery. In some cases, you can return home sooner if you have sufficient help and support. You will need to get plenty of rest, especially for the first two weeks. During this time, you will need assistance with routine tasks and daily activities. However, short walks around the house are necessary to promote faster healing. You should not engage in strenuous exercise for four to six weeks, or until cleared by Dr. Fisher. You may be able to return to work about four to six weeks after surgery, depending on the type of employment you are in and how well your recovery is progressing. 

Factors that Affect Recovery

To ensure safe and successful healing, Dr. Fisher and his team will provide detailed post-surgical instructions. Prior to your procedure, you will discuss several important considerations such as:

  • Follow-up appointments: It is vital that you keep your appointments after your surgery. With Dr. Fisher’s ongoing care, you are more likely to experience satisfactory cosmetic results. He can also give you specific instructions about returning to work and regular exercise. Typically, you should visit our office every week until you are able to resume normal activities. After that, you will need to schedule follow-ups every few months.
  • Pain medications: After a lower body lift, you will experience some swelling and inflammation. Prescription medications can ease your discomfort and we can work with you to determine the right prescription and dosage for your needs.
  • Diet: A healthy diet can help your body heal faster. It is also important to be especially conscious of what you are eating because you will be rather sedentary for a few weeks. Dr. Fisher can provide guidance for a healthy post-operative diet.

Lower body lifts are safe procedures, especially with Dr. Fisher’s expertise.

  • Drains: After surgery, Dr. Fisher will most likely place drains near your incisions to help reduce excess fluid. It is important to clean and change your drains as directed. We typically are able to remove drains after two weeks. 
  • Compression garments: You will also need to wear compression bandages or garments. These garments will minimize swelling and help your skin heal with the new shape of your body. Dr. Fisher will advise you about when you can stop wearing your garments.
  • Potential side effects: Lower body lifts are safe procedures, especially with Dr. Fisher’s expertise. However, because they are so extensive, there is some risk of side effects. We will advise you about possible complications so that you can notify us immediately if you recognize any cause for concern.

Understand Your Recovery

With our consistent care, you can enjoy a smooth lower body lift recovery. Contact our office to learn more and to schedule your consultation.

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