Are You a Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Many women unhappy with their bust line may wonder if they qualify for breast augmentation. This is a legitimate concern, but one that is hard to answer without a medical opinion. At the San Antonio Plastic Surgery Center, in San Antonio, TX, Dr. Fisher understands there are many factors to consider when evaluating breast augmentation candidacy. Our team is here to help you determine if this type of surgery is best for your individual needs. 

Woman lying on  table as doctor makes markings on her chest for surgery

During a consultation, Dr. Fisher can demonstrate the different placement options and locations for your potential implants. 

Why Consider Breast Augmentation?

Most patients who are interested in breast augmentation are unhappy with the size and shape of their breasts. Bras and clothing are sometimes worn for enhancement, but they are not long-term solutions. Breast augmentation allows patients the opportunity to benefit from a customized surgical plan that will permanently reshape breasts. The surgery offers a way to:

  • Return volume to sagging or drooping breast tissue
  • Increase naturally small breasts
  • Restore appearance after a mastectomy
  • Create symmetrical breasts
  • Correct congenital deformities
  • Create a proportionate figure
  • Enhance self-image and confidence

However, surgery is a very personal decision, whether you are considering it for reconstructive or cosmetic reasons. It is important to clearly outline your reasons for wanting a change to your breasts during your initial consultation with the doctor so that he can make the most appropriate recommendations for your treatment.

Ensuring your candidacy before proceeding with surgery is a good way to reduce risks.

Who Is a Candidate?

All surgery comes with some level of risk or possible complications. However, ensuring your candidacy before proceeding with surgery is a good way to reduce such risks. Included among these qualifications are: 

  • Realistic expectations
  • Stable weight and good overall health
  • Ability to stop smoking for several weeks before and after surgery
  • At least 18 years of age for saline implants
  • At least 22 years of age for silicone implants

If you are considering breast augmentation as an option after a mastectomy, you must be free of cancer, as well. 

Surgery is not usually recommended if a patient:

  • Has an active infection anywhere in the body
  • Is currently undergoing cancer treatment
  • Is pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Is under the age of 18 (or 22 for silicone gel implants)

At Your Consultation

Before you can undergo treatment, you must first meet with Dr. Fisher for a consultation. During this visit, he will ask you in-depth questions about your:

  • Reasons for considering a change in your breasts
  • Medical history and overall health review
  • Expectations for the outcome of surgery
  • Risks and possible complications
  • Surgical procedure specifics and recovery details
  • Options for types of implants
  • Proposed plan of treatment
  • Costs and benefits

Based off of this discussion, he can make recommendations that appropriate to your goals, health needs, and budget. 

Learn If You Qualify

The team at the San Antonio Plastic Surgery Center is dedicated to achieving outstanding patient results and customer satisfaction. Call Dr. Fisher today to schedule your consultation and see how we can help you attain your desired look. We will evaluate your situation and determine a treatment plan that fits your unique needs and expected outcomes. Contact us online or call us at (210) 616-0798.

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