What You Should Know about Breast Implant Placement

Breast augmentation is a much more complex process than simply creating an incision, placing an implant, and suturing the incision shut. Where the implant is placed can have a huge impact on your results. 

During a breast augmentation, implants can be placed either above or below the breast muscle. Both options offer their own benefits with respect to aesthetics, feel, and recovery time. During your initial consultation at the San Antonio Plastic Surgery Center in San Antonio, TX, Dr. Fisher will discuss which breast implant placement option is best for your cosmetic and physiological goals. 

Comparison of breast before surgery, breast with subglandular implant placement, and breast with submuscular implant placement

Subglandular implants are placed directly beneath the mammary glands in the breast, where submuscular implants are placed deeper underneath the muscle. 

Subglandular Placement

During this procedure, Dr. Fisher will place the implant over the pectoralis major muscle and directly beneath the mammary glands in the breast. Subglandular breast implant placement offers several perks, including:

  • Natural look and movement: Because the implants sit right behind the breast tissue, they have a more natural look. Placement behind the tissue allows breasts to move more naturally, as well. 
  • Reduced risk: Because subglandular placement involves a shorter surgery than that for submuscular placement, it has fewer risks and a briefer recovery period.
  • More comfortable recovery: The incision is made only in skin and fat, not muscle, which minimizes the risk of pain and bleeding after the procedure.
  • Easier repair: Surgery is much easier if the implant ruptures or must be removed later in life.

Subglandular breast implant placement could be a great option for patients, but it also has drawbacks. The risk of capsular contracture increases and if the implant wrinkles, this flaw is much more obvious. Additionally, detection of early-stage breast cancer is often more complicated when implants are located behind the breast tissue. 

Where the implant is placed can have a huge impact on your results. 

Submuscular Placement

During this surgery, Dr. Fisher places implants under the pectoralis major or pec, a fan-shaped chest muscle which extends from the breastbone to the collarbone and stretches to the upper portion of the arm. Placing implants under the pectoralis major boasts several advantages, including:

  • More natural feeling: The implants may feel less obvious or intrusive when placed underneath the muscle.
  • Minimized appearance of rippling: Implant wrinkling is less likely to appear through the skin, should it occur.
  • Reduced risk of capsular contracture: This phenomenon sometimes occurs when scar tissue hardens and damages the implant, causing breasts to feel and look unnatural.
  • Incision types: There is a greater range of options for the incision.
  • Minimized interference with cancer diagnosis: Breast cancer detection may be more straightforward since the implants do not hide breast tissue.

However, there are a number of risks associated with submuscular placement. It requires both a longer procedure and a longer recovery, with a greater risk of pain and bleeding. Also, if an implant ruptures or requires removal or replacement, the surgery is much more complex. Furthermore, breast movement may not appear as natural since the implants are behind the muscle wall.

Decide Which is Right for You

If you are tired of feeling self-conscious about your breasts and want to transform both your appearance and confidence, Dr. Fisher can assess your case and provide treatment options. He’ll also help you decide which type of breast implant placement will be right for you. Call us today at (210) 616-0798 or contact San Antonio Plastic Surgery Center online to set up a consultation.

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