Silicone vs. Saline Implants: What is right for me?

During a breast augmentation, we will enhance the size and shape of breasts by placing implants behind each breast. However, because every patient has different goals and needs, Dr. Fisher offers silicone, cohesive gel silicone, and saline breast implant options. Each type offers its own unique advantages in terms of look, feel, and durability. 

When it comes to silicone vs. saline implants, our team at the San Antonio Plastic Surgery Center in San Antonio, TX, can help you decide which option is best suited for your desires and budget. 

Row of silicone implants

Patients can explore a number of different implant options during their consultation with Dr. Fisher.

Saline Implants

Saline implants offer several advantages over silicone and other implant options, including: 

  • Durability: The latest version of these implants is both soft and long-lasting.
  • Wide range of sizes: The size of the implants ranges from 120cc to 850cc, and they are offered in varying shapes to accommodate various body shapes.
  • Safety: There is a lower risk associated with leakage, due to the natural saltwater solution. If a leak does happen, you will know almost immediately after the rupture, since the solution escapes the plastic lining rapidly.

However, saline implants still have their downsides. Patients should be aware that ripples appear more readily in the lining of saline implants than in silicone. You must also consider the risk of capsular contracture, which occurs when scar tissue hardens and damages the implant, causing breasts to feel and look unnatural.

Silicone Implants

Because silicone gel has a similar consistency to real breast tissue, this kind of implant offers a more natural feel and appearance than saline. They are also designed to have a protective shell around a silicone-based gel. The shell is intended to prevent implants from rupturing. 

When it comes to silicone vs. saline implants, Dr. Fisher can help you decide which option is best suited for your desires and budget.

However, if a silicone implant ruptures, it is not always immediately obvious. Detection of the rupture is consequently complicated. Another negative aspect of silicone implants is that they carry an elevated risk of capsular contracture. 

Cohesive Gel Silicone Implants

Also known as “gummy bear implants,” cohesive gel silicone implants are composed of silicone but feature a strong exterior lining. The layers prevent the gel from leaking. With an extra layer of protection, the gel within this type of implants remains coagulated in one area if the implant breaks. Additional advantages of cohesive gel silicone implants include:

  • Natural feel: The texture closely resembles natural breasts, more so than saline implants.
  • Reduced risk of rippling: “Shape memory” allows them to return to their normal shape after movement, minimizing the risk of folding or rippling.
  • Reduced risk of capsular contracture: Capsular contracture is much less common with cohesive implants than with other kinds.

With these benefits come a number of drawbacks, however. A larger incision is required needed to place the implant, which can result in a longer healing time and more scarring. The implants and procedure themselves are also not always budget-friendly.

Dr. Fisher Can Transform Your Appearance

If you decide to pursue breast augmentation, you may still be unsure which treatment option is best. Dr. Fisher can go over the pros and cons of each option in detail during a free initial consultation. To take the next step in your journey toward renewed self-confidence, call our San Antonio plastic surgery center at (210) 616-0798 or contact us online anytime.

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