Male Breast Reduction Surgery Can Help Restore a Masculine Figure

The appearance of sagging or protruding breasts can have a detrimental effect on a man's confidence. Many men who suffer from gynecomastia, or a buildup of male breast tissue, find that the tissue remains even after significant weight loss. Fortunately, this condition can be treated using minimally invasive surgical techniques at our San Antonio, TX, practice. Dr. Peter Fisher and our team frequently plan customized male breast reduction procedures to help our patients restore a masculine physique.

We perform male breast reduction surgery with advanced technology in a comfortable and sterile environment.

We will develop a personalized surgical plan that will address excess fatty tissue through liposuction and remove excess glandular tissue and skin through excision. Dr. Fisher will perform a thorough evaluation and strategically plan a procedure that is uniquely suited to your needs, ensuring that you will be satisfied with your results.

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Dr. Fisher had helped hundreds of men regain confidence in their figures with advanced male breast reduction techniques.

Addressing All Types of Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia causes the development of excess breast tissue in men but can affect patients in a variety of ways. The condition most commonly affects both sides of the chest, but occasionally affects only one, and can sometimes affect both sides unevenly. Dr. Fisher is skilled at helping men address these issues, particularly following massive weight loss, by reshaping and rebalancing the chest to achieve results that complement their body types.

Advanced Surgical Methods Set Us Apart

We perform male breast reduction surgery with advanced technology in a comfortable and sterile environment here at San Antonio Plastic Surgery Center. The men we serve have recognized the incredible care and detail that Dr. Fisher and his team put into their work, and many have shared their experiences at our practice.

To begin the surgery, a combination of both general and local anesthesia is typically used. Once it has taken effect, an incision is made around the nipple, which Dr. Fisher uses to access underlying tissue. For the majority of patients, some degree of liposuction will be used to decrease fatty deposits in the chest. Dr. Fisher will remove any excess skin and tissue before reshaping the contours of the chest and closing the incision with sutures. 

Planning for Recovery

Patients who plan appropriately for their recoveries generally can expect to have a stress-free healing period without any complications. This is especially important immediately following surgery when patients are typically disoriented from anesthesia and unable to perform tasks like driving or preparing food. Planning to have a friend or family member that can help on the day of your procedure can reduce undue and unexpected stresses during this crucial recovery period.

Ask Dr. Fisher if Male Breast Reduction is Right for You

Dr. Fisher had helped hundreds of men regain confidence in their figures with advanced male breast reduction techniques. Contact us online to schedule your consultation, or call our practice at (210) 616-0798.

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