Eliminate Jowls and Signs of Aging with a Mid Face Lift

Sunken cheeks, jowls, and saggy eyelids can make you appear tired and older than your age. A mid face lift at San Antonio Plastic Surgery in San Antonio, TX can address early signs of aging by restoring volume, tightening underlying tissues, and repositioning sagging skin around the cheeks and eyes. This facial cosmetic procedure is not as invasive as a full facelift and provides longer-lasting results than injectable treatments, such as BOTOX® Cosmetic and Restylane®. In addition, Dr. Peter Fisher offers multiple sedation options to make your mid face lift as comfortable as possible.

What is a Mid Face Lift?

Because skin elasticity weakens with time, gravity will shift your facial features downward. The skin around your eyes, cheeks, and nose are often the first to show signs of aging, and when one is affected, the other features are affected as well. These effects are typically the result of stress, lifestyle factors, sun damage, and the natural aging process. A mid facelift, also known as a cheek lift or vertical facelift, focuses on repositioning fallen cheeks, tightening skin beneath the eyes, and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles around your nose and mouth to refresh your overall appearance.

As a board certified plastic surgeon with over 25 years of experience, Dr. Fisher is known in the community for helping patients achieve dramatic, natural-looking results. He is continually involved in ongoing education so that he can provide the latest surgical techniques to ensure our patients receive the most up-to-date care.

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The cheeks, lower eyelids, and skin around the mouth and nose are some of the first areas to show signs of aging.

What to Expect

Before your procedure, we will first administer anesthesia and sedation to ensure you are comfortable. Once you are ready, Dr. Fisher will make discreet incisions in the temples behind your hairline, in the nasolabial folds, or along the lower lash line. Using endoscopic technology, he can lift and reposition the underlying muscles and tissues both diagonally and vertically to achieve dramatic enhancement. Dr. Fisher will then close the incisions and place bandages.

The overall procedure takes about an hour and a half and although you can return home the same day, you will need to have someone drive you home from the procedure due to the anesthesia involved. Dr. Fisher will provide you with detailed at-home care instructions to follow to assist you in your recovery. You may experience some swelling, soreness, and numbness following the procedure. However, resting with your head elevated, taking medications as prescribed, keeping the surgical site clean, and applying cold compresses will help minimize any discomfort.

If you are experiencing signs of aging around the features in the middle of your face, Dr. Fisher can perform a mid facelift to help turn back the clock on aging.

Sutures are generally removed 10-14 days after the procedure and you will need to avoid the sun and strenuous activity for at least an additional two weeks or as directed by Dr. Fisher. As the swelling subsides, you will notice an overall rejuvenated appearance within a month. Your final results can take several weeks to become apparent as your features settle into their new positions.

Benefits of a Mid Facelift

There are many practical and aesthetic benefits patients that come with enhancing your facial features with a mid facelift, including:

  • Less invasive than a full face lift
  • Can be performed in conjunction with other facial rejuvenation procedures
  • No visible incisions and scars
  • Increased volume and curves in cheeks
  • Addresses early signs of aging
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Rejuvenated and younger-looking appearance

Reverse the Signs of Aging

If you are experiencing signs of aging around the features in the middle of your face, Dr. Fisher can perform a mid facelift to help turn back the clock on aging. Please contact us online or by calling (210) 616-0798 to schedule your consultation.

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