Reverse Years of Skin Damage with a Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are applied to the face and other areas of the body to remove layers of damaged and dead skin cells. Wrinkles, sun damage, acne scars, and other imperfections can all be addressed with medium chemical peels, and deep chemical peels can address even more extensive damage. Peter Fisher, MD, performs safe and effective chemical peel treatments for patients in San Antonio, TX, helping them achieve outstanding results.

Chemical peels help men and women achieve dramatically clearer, softer, and rejuvenated skin, and are offered as a far more intensive option over other treatments. 

Patients who wish to address scars, years of sun damage, and even pre-cancerous growths can do so with a deep chemical peel, but the procedure and recovery times are more extensive than with a medium treatment. It is important to seek an opinion from an experienced professional before deciding which chemical peel is right for your needs.

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All chemical peels are intended to remove the top layer of skin, which reveals a healthy, soft layer of skin underneath while addressing a variety of imperfections.

Results You Can Expect

All chemical peels are intended to remove the top layer of skin, which reveals a healthy, soft layer of skin underneath while addressing a variety of imperfections. The intensity of the chemicals used in these treatments requires a short period of recovery, ranging from a couple days to a week. Patients can expect their skin to be red and peel significantly, and Dr. Fisher will advise you on how to safely clean and maintain your skin following treatment. After recovery is complete, the stunning results will remain apparent for a few months to a year, based on the chemicals used. We take pride in the dramatic results we can achieve with this incredibly effective treatment, and consistently hear back from satisfied patients after their procedure.

Medium Chemical Peels

Men and women interested in addressing skin conditions such as uneven pigmentation, fine lines, and skin texture can find a solution with a medium chemical peel. This treatment has the added flexibility to be used on any area of the body and only requires a day or two for recovery. Patients will typically need to seek additional treatments every two to three months to maintain their results.

Deep Chemical Peels

Many patients choose deep chemical peels for their proven success in eliminating pre-cancerous growths in addition to a variety of skin conditions. Dr. Fisher advises patients to consider their treatment and recovery carefully, as patients receiving deep chemical peels have reported feeling notable discomfort. The recovery can take a week or more, in which time, patients will experience significant redness, sensitivity, and peeling skin.

Achieve Dramatic Results with a Chemical Peel

Dr. Fisher has helped many patients achieve outstanding results with chemical peel treatment, eliminating years of sun damage, and acne scarring. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Fisher or call us at (210) 616-0798.

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