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Improve Facial and Body Contours with Fat Injections

Do you wish to reduce fat in one area of your body? Would you like to add volume to another? Fat injections performed at our San Antonio, TX, practice can help you achieve your goals. Contact renowned plastic surgeon Peter Fisher's office today to learn more.

Fat can be used to fill in wrinkles and lines, to create contours in the face, and to fill in scars. Because the fat is used from one area of a patient’s body to fill in another, there is little chance of allergy or incompatibility. Fat injections are usually done on an outpatient basis with local anesthetic and sedation.

Why fat?

  1. Better than synthetic as it is your own.
  2. Longer lasting.
  3. Cheaper in the long run.
  4. Can inject superficially and deep.


  1. Does not always work.
  2. May require more than one treatment.
  3. For areas such as the face, even thin people should have enough fat. For buttock and breast grafting however, some people will not have enough.

About Fat Injections.

Fat has been used for decades to augment different areas of the body, however only recently has its use become more widespread. One reason is that more articles with good long term results are being published. Many articles regarding the science of fat are being published increasing our understanding of how it works. One of these reasons is the fact that fat has a lot of stem cells, which we believe are resulting in some of the excellent results we are seeing, scar improvement, skin texture improvement overall skin color uniformity being improved and better take of the fat.

The most popular areas being injected are:

  1. The face, especially around the eyes and cheek region.
  2. The buttocks- Brazilian butt lift.
  3. Breasts. Either to augment, or improve contour when reconstructing following breast cancer surgery.


Smaller areas can be done with local anesthetic alone, while larger areas are done with sedation or general anesthetic.

Fat is harvested using different techniques. The areas to be injected require these different techniques for multiple reasons; These include how much fat that we are injecting and to what part of the body, the blood supply to the part we are injecting to and the quality of the fat available to be harvested.

Fat injections results have become so good that it has been enthusiastically incorporated into my practice. It is almost always used in all facelift cases as well as many post massive weight loss body contouring cases.

If you would like to learn more, please contact us today.

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