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Dr. Peter Fisher is a plastic surgeon who has been in practice since 1990. Dr. Fisher, his staff, and a few satisfied patients talk about the work being done here every day, and the dramatic results of treatment. The whole team does their best to provide a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, and to help patients make beneficial changes to their bodies and their lives.

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Peter Fisher: My name is Peter Fisher. I'm a plastic surgeon who's been practicing here in San Antonio since 1990. I grew up in South Africa, in Johannesburg. I went to medical school in South Africa. I was originally going to be a general surgeon and then I changed my mind quite early on to become a plastic surgeon because I'd really enjoyed seeing the way plastic surgeons and patients bonded and the response from the patients. What also drew me to plastic surgery was the fact that I could actually see my results. Woman 1: The results I could see were immediate. And so the doors that have been opened since I've had the weight loss surgery and had the surgery have been phenomenal. There are people that I had relationships with for the past 10 years that have seen me since I had the surgery and are shocked about how amazing I look. And I attribute that all to Dr. Fisher. Woman 2: Everyone loves him. I enjoy working with him. He's very down to earth, easy to talk to. Any questions, he's willing to help. He gives patients his cell number. He's there for them. Woman 3: I love working for Dr. Fisher. He does have a great bedside manner and I've seen that, not just with me but with his own patients. Woman 4: So I came in, had a consultation with him, loved him immediately. I felt immediately at ease with him. He was very honest. Peter Fisher: First of all, I really want to make the patients feel comfortable. I want the patients to feel comfortable and confident in my abilities. Woman 2: He's very thorough. He's a perfectionist. And he enjoys and takes time with patients. Peter Fisher: All my plastic surgeries, whether it's reconstructive or cosmetic, is trying to get the best result that I can as though I were a painter or a sculptor. And I want the patient to feel like they've obtained the best possible result that they can get. You know it can actually be emotional. I've had quite a few patients tell me that I have changed their lives. I actually had one patient who I remember. She said, "We are on a journey and you have completed my journey and I cannot thank you enough." Woman 2: They are so grateful. They go on, they get motivated to keep going forward, to continue with their health, their exercising. Peter Fisher: You can tell they're happier. They're smiling. They're more engaging. This is very rewarding to see this in patients. Woman: It is a life-changing experience for all, for everyone. Woman 4: The best thing I've done, best decision I've made. I'm very happy, extremely happy with my results. Peter Fisher: There seems to be an improved confidence in them. Woman 1: Any time I have the opportunity, I tell people about Dr. Fisher

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Dr. Fisher has been available to answer all of my questions and provide me with not only professional medical expertise, but also a much appreciated level of personal empathy. I would 100% recommend Dr. Fisher to anyone who is considering plastic surgery.



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