Breast Reduction and Lift


Patients with an excess amount of breast tissue may benefit from a combined breast reduction and lift. The procedure is typically covered by insurance and can help reduce stress on the neck and shoulders. Dr. Peter Fisher performs breast reduction and lift procedures using an inverted T, or angular incision, as well as a lollipop incision.

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As I tell my patients, all breast reductions are lifts. Not all lifts are reductions. So we see a lot of breast reduction patients who have large breasts that complain of neck and shoulder pain and a breast reduction really helps them with this. This is typically covered by insurance and rarely is it privately paid procedure. On the other hand, a breast lift is not covered by insurance and is a private pay procedure, but technically is similar to a breast reduction other than we're not taking out any breast tissue but we're lifting it. So we're lifting the breast reduction and we're reducing it. We're just lifting the breast that is hanging down without reducing it. There are different techniques for both of them and there are different techniques in breast lifts in a post-massive weight loss patient and a non-massive weight loss patient. I believe that the breast reduction procedure is a little slower than the breast lift. Most patients can return back to work in about two to three weeks. With the breast lift, you're usually good at about one week. The most common incisions used for breast lift and a breast reduction is called an inverted T or an angular incision. For the breast lift, there's a lollipop incision. Some people do what is called a circumareolar or Benelli incision, which I don't do at all. I don't like it. I don't think it gives a very good result. Those are essentially the most common incisions used, 80% percent of them being inverted Ts. There have been numerous studies in the plastic surgery literature that show conclusively that breast reduction patients are the most satisfied plastic surgery patients. It's different for breast lift patients. They're not doing it for physical problems per se. They're doing it because they want to wear a bathing suit, they want to feel better in clothing. They just don't want to push all of this tissue back up into the bra. They want to wear clothes that they don't need a bra or they don't want to wear a bra and that's what the breast lift patients are more for, as opposed to reduction patients. Our patients are very pleased following a breast reduction and breast lift procedures.

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