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A typical face lift combines several procedures into one comprehensive treatment plan. It addresses sagging skin and drooping features in the face and neck. These procedures often include a neck lift, brow lift, contouring of the eyelids, and forehead lift, all of which will be discussed and personalized during your consultation with Dr. Fisher.

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A facelift is really a generic term for multiple procedures on the face. So very frequently, we'll do a facelift, as mentioned, which incorporates a neck lift, both the upper and lower eyelift and a brow lift all in one. That's fairly normal because the patient's face typically will age uniformly. Occasionally, we'll get a patient whose brows have just collapsed down and they just want a brow lift. Which is, as mentioned, a forehead lift and we'll just do that. Very frequently, patients just want their eyes done, so we'll just do their eyes. It might just be their upper eyes, it might be their lower eyes, it might be a combination of the upper and the lower eyes. And as mentioned, very frequently, patients also just want the facelift. So they want the neck done and they want the jowls done. That's a facelift. They're not interested in the eyes, they're not interested in the forehead. And sometimes, they age more in the lower face rather than the upper face. So there are numerous different ways of putting all these procedures together to get the results that the patient wants. The procedure, just a facelift by itself, is going to take about four hours. If you add the eyes and the forehead then you're adding close to another three, maybe four hours. It can be up to eight hours. It's typically six hours to do the whole face, everything on the face. Typically, for two weeks, the patient stays at their house or home, wherever they are. I usually want them indoors. Swelling had subsided significantly by two weeks. Most of the bruising has gone away by two weeks. I will so allow them to put makeup on within three days to cover bruising if they wanted to go out and if they felt fine.

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