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Patients interested in trimming excess skin around their legs and abdomen after massive weight loss may want to consider a lower body lift. Dr. Peter Fisher combines techniques from several procedures into a comprehensive treatment plan, typically including a tummy tuck, mons lift, strong lateral thigh lift, buttock lift, and hip flap procedure. Based on information gathered during a consultation, he can customize the treatment to your needs.

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A lower body lift is a specific procedure to correct the abdomen, the upper outer thighs, and the buttocks. It's a little different in different surgeons' hands and certainly doesn't always conform from one plastic surgeon to another as far as what we do. In my hands, a lower body lift consists of five different procedures. It's a tummy tuck. It's a mons lift. A mons lift is lifting up the sagging pubis area, which is frequent in massive weight loss patients. It's a strong lateral thigh lift. That means it lifts the outside of the thigh. It lifts sagging buttocks. But in my hands, it also augments the buttock. I use the patient's own tissue to augment the buttock. And I have produced...I have come up with a procedure, used only by myself as of this time, called a hip flap, that I use to help widen the hip and increase their hip:waist ratio, therefore giving them more of a feminine look. Doing a lower body lift by itself, which as mentioned is a five...typically consists of five procedures in of itself, usually takes me anywhere...usually about six hours, anywhere from five to seven hours. I usually keep the patient in the hospital for two nights and then the recovery is actually similar to a tummy tuck recovery, which is four to six weeks. They can drive at about two to three weeks. I want them to be very sedentary for two weeks. I use special beds in the hospital. It's called a sand mattress, to take pressure off their buttocks. I do use drains, which are tubes coming out from the side of the body, to help remove excess fluid, and I will usually remove these at about seven to ten days. Bariatric surgeries only are a means to getting down to a weight that they want to. You have to change your lifestyle. You have to change your eating habits. And they have to, you have to keep this that way after the surgery. A lot of these patients start to exercise. A lot of them couldn't exercise before their massive weight loss. Now they can exercise. Unfortunately, I stop them for six weeks, but then they get back to their exercising and that helps with their results even further.

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