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A mommy makeover can combine a wide variety of procedures to address the effects of giving birth and breastfeeding. The most important part of the procedure is a tummy tuck, but Dr. Fisher commonly includes a breast augmentation and lift to address additional areas affected by motherhood. In every case, the procedure is tailored to the patient's specific goals.

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Mommy makeover now has become synonymous with doing something with the abdomen after a woman has children and their breasts. Most of these potential patients have breastfed, their breasts have gotten larger and then they, unfortunately, come down. They get smaller, they hang lower, their abdomens have been stretched from their pregnancies so they want to get to kill two birds with one stone, as one might say, and get this done in one operation. This often involves a tummy tuck. Well, typically involves a tummy tuck. And something to do with the breasts which is either a breast lift, a breast augmentation, and very commonly, a breast augmentation with a lift. It's essentially taking them back to a more youthful look if you might say, a time of pre-pregnancy. They are often disillusioned by the way their body has changed following the pregnancies. And really want to get closer to what they looked like beforehand. I do believe that pregnancies are quite hard on certain patients' bodies. Some people do very well and some people don't. Some are more stretched than others, and unfortunately, the ones that get very stretched and their breasts don't respond very well following their breastfeeding and so forth, feel rather depressed and really are looking forward to an improvement from the mommy makeover.

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