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A thigh lift may be the solution you need to trim excess skin and tone your lower body after massive weight loss. Dr. Fisher can help you achieve thigh contours that complement your weight loss accomplishment. It is often combined with other procedures to address the full scope of excess skin that usually follows massive weight loss.

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A thigh lift removes excess skin from the thighs, as it says. But it's actually more than that. It contours the thigh and it can go down to the lower leg. I, especially with the post-massive weight loss patients, with laxity in their calves as well, we'll go down essentially to the ankle to remove excess skin. It's very rare that patients come in just for a thigh lift. But I do see patients just for a thigh lift. As I said, most of these people have excess skin in a lot of areas, but I do a lot of revision thigh lifts or thigh lifts after people have had a lower body lift or a tummy tuck and have not had the thigh lift. So there's a lot of discussion in incorporating some revisions for them of the lower body lift with the thigh lift. The thigh lift consultations are all about technique, what to expect, the recovery and so forth. There are three approaches, as far as I'm concerned. One is to de-bulk the patient by liposuction and then do a thigh lift thereafter. Typically, that is what we call a longitudinal thigh lift. The incision going from the groin on the inside of the thigh down to the knee. Or, as mentioned earlier, past the knee, down to the ankle. There is another technique called a spiral thigh lift, which is in the groin. It goes behind the buttock and up to the hip area. The recovery for thigh lifts is quite slow. I will keep the patient in the hospital for one or two nights. Again, I want them sedentary for at least two weeks. No exercise for six weeks. They remain swollen for quite a long time because the operation is on the legs, which is dependent, which means down. And they do take a little bit longer to get back to normal activities and so forth. Since most of my post-massive weight loss patients are from out of town, we do give a lot of different hotel options to them. All of these hotels are very close to the medical center. After staying in the hospital, the patients go back to the hotels and they stay at least two weeks. I want patients to stay for two weeks. And a lot of them stay for three, if not four weeks, to recover fully and make sure that everything is going well and that they're comfortable with leaving.

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